"Veternica cave, bat adoption and Zagreb whale"

Every resident of Zagreb should, at least once in life, experience Veternica cave.
So, come with us and celebrate your birthday visiting and enjoying this unique monument of nature.
The one who celebrate the birthday receives on her/his name the certificate on bat adoption.
After Veternica we visit Podsused to see Zagreb whale reconstruction.
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Duration: 4-4,5h (by car and on foot - by car to Ponikve on western side of Medvednica (500 m above the sea level), then downhill on foot approximately 30 min. to the climbers' lodging „Glavica“ (420 m above the sea level), then from climbers' lodging 5 min to Veternica cave - return to Ponikve using the same pathway, but with a break in climbers' lodging, then by car to Podsused, and back to the place where the trip ends)

When: from April to October - on Saturdays or Sundays

Where: Start and finish of the trip in agreement with you

Price per tour:
1-4 persons 640 kn
5-8 persons 880 kn

Price includes: tour organization accompanied by licensed tourist guide, entry fee to Veternica cave including expert guidance (30-45 min), bat adoption certificate, car transportation

For more info or booking, please, contact us on: Zagreb Walks - razgled Zagreba

Veternica is one of the longest caves in Croatia, placed on the southwest of Medvednica (only 9 km from Ban Jelacic square), and is rich with prehistoric and historic findings, speleological challenges and uncovered secrets. 
So far more than 7 kilometers of cave canals are explored, and for tourist visit the first 380 m is adopted. The cave arise 1,8 millions years ago, 30-40 thousand years ago Early Stone Age hunters found shelter and lived in the cave, also the remains of cave bear, lion, hyena...were found. From autumn to spring Veternica is home to bats, therefore the cave is closed for visitors at that period of the year. It is open from April to October.

On wider area of present Zagreb and on the edge of Medvednica mountain, 12-15 millions years ago the Pannonian sea was placed. On today's western slopes of Medvednica 150 years ago many fossil fishes and plants were found, and in the second half of 19th century also the remains of marine mammal, baby whale that probably beached on the coast was found. The whale skeleton remains have discovered by that time an unknown type of whale, so in paleontological literature this finding got the term Mesocetus agrami (Zagreb whale).