Birthday tours

How to celebrate the birthday on a different way?

You can choose one of our essential or special tours, or one of the following proposals that could be interesting and fun for children, but for adults as well: 

"Seeking the planets and famous persons from the past times"


This game takes place only and exclusively in pedestrian zone.
The group gets the city centre map with allowed moving borders drawn on it - there are two possibilities: north of Ban Jelacic square or south of it - accompanied by adult (tourist guide), group members should (in determined area) find "dummies" of the Solar system as well as sculptures of famous Croatian persons and then record them on the map - after the task is fulfilled, as a prize, we'll have cakes and juices and talk and learn about planets and persons found.

Duration: 2h

When: Saturdays or Sundays - whenever suits you best

Where: Start and finish on Ban Jelacic square

Price per tour/game: 1-5 persons 550 kn
                                6-10 persons 800 kn

Price includes: tour/game organization, tourist guide accompaniment and supervision, cakes and juices

For more info or booking, please, contact us on: Zagreb Walks - razgled Zagreba

"Veternica cave, bat adoption and Zagreb whale"

Every resident of Zagreb should, at least once in life, experience Veternica cave.
So, come with us and celebrate your birthday visiting and enjoying this unique monument of nature.
The one who celebrate the birthday receives on her/his name the certificate on bat adoption.
After Veternica we visit Podsused to see Zagreb whale reconstruction.
kit 2

Duration: 4-4,5h (by car and on foot - by car to Ponikve on western side of Medvednica (500 m above the sea level), then downhill on foot approximately 30 min. to the climbers' lodging „Glavica“ (420 m above the sea level), then from climbers' lodging 5 min to Veternica cave - return to Ponikve using the same pathway, but with a break in climbers' lodging, then by car to Podsused, and back to the place where the trip ends)

When: from April to October - on Saturdays or Sundays

Where: Start and finish of the trip in agreement with you

Price per tour:
1-4 persons 640 kn
5-8 persons 880 kn

Price includes: tour organization accompanied by licensed tourist guide, entry fee to Veternica cave including expert guidance (30-45 min), bat adoption certificate, car transportation

For more info or booking, please, contact us on: Zagreb Walks - razgled Zagreba

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"The path of Zaprešić castles"

luznica dvorac

Only 20 km away from Zagreb city center, in the Zapresic district area, the 6 castles from the period of 18th and 19th century are placed: Novi Dvori Jelacicevi, Luznica, Janusevec, Laduc, Jakovlje and Gornja Bistra and they are considered to be among  the most beautiful ones of northwestern Croatia.

If you want to celebrate your birthday in a different way, or you want to give someone a different birthday present, take a few afternoon hours and come with us on this amazing trip with sightseeing the two castles Novi dvori Jelacicevi and Luznica.

Duration: 3-3,5h (by car and on foot - walk around the castles, interior sightseeng of castle Luznica is included)

When: March-December, on Sundays at 2:30 pm

Where: Start and finish of the trip in agreement with you

Price per tour: 1-4 persons 430 kn
                      5-8 persons 600 kn

Price includes: tour organization, licensed tourist guide, car ride

For more info or booking, please, contact us on: Zagreb Walks - razgled Zagreba

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