What visitors say

sicor pliva 04 2013 2Marina, thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Zagreb.  You were a fantastic tour guide and really made the evening one to remember. I know I speak for all of us in saying that we look forward to the next opportunity to visit with you and see more of that beautiful city.

Stephen Bozer, Nydia Ramos, Samir Karamchandani, Gerry Whitlow - USA


Dear Marina, it was a wonderful tour of Zagreb that you gave us. Thank you very much.
The CDs with pictures and music are absolutely GREAT! I almost cried when I watched them. What a fantastic memory of Zagreb they will be.

Rebecca Soderberg, Uppsala, Sweden

azerbajdzanciЗагреб нам очень понравился. Я честно говоря не ожидал, что у Вас такой красивый и уютный город. Как экскурсовод Вы нам очень хорошо рассказали про свой город. С таким вдохновениям только любящий свой город и свою страну человек может рассказат. Мы блогодарны также Геофото. Это они нам помогли увидеть ваш замечательный город. Большоe спасибо Вам лично за прекрасный проведeнный время и за экускурсию по Загребу.

Teymur Nizamzade, Fizuli Afandiyev, Rafig Quseynli - Baku, Azerbaijan

stari bunar sk timInteresting, pleasant and professionally guided city tour which discovered us less known details about Zagreb - the details that makes Zagreb so charming. I truly recommend it to all who want to know Zagreb, but also to those who think they've already knew it – there is always something new to be found out.

Miljenko Košiček, Zagreb, Croatia

cls in caffeeWe really enjoyed the lovely weekend in Zagreb. It was packed full of information not only on language but also food, culture, history, places of interest and new experiences. We particularly enjoyed the tour of the old town and the Croatian Theatre experience. We felt so welcome and looked after with typical Croatian hospitality. We would thoroughly recommend the "Zagreb Weekend Courses" to anyone learning Croatian as a way to immerse yourself in the culture and language but enjoy yourself at the same time!

Angela & Gary Connor, London, UK

Having initially gone to Zagreb for my work, I was very surprised to discover a pleasant and rich city as far as historic and cultural level concerns. Zagreb is a crossroads between the East and the West and it gives to the city a quite particular cultural identity. We immediately feel that the inhabitants love their city and that they want to share this with the visitors. Marina is an enthusiastic and nice guide who knows very well how to communicate her knowledge abut the city.

Eric Menaut, Paris, France

Zagreb is unique city, with rich history and interesting stories. When I first came to Zagreb I didn't know it has so much to offer. Marina's tour made me interested in the city with her fascinating stories and great knowledge. With her endless patience she took us through Zagreb's streets and alleys to see all the beautiful places of Zagreb - the familiar once, and those that only local knows. And at the end she took us into a good restaurant to eat so we could taste the traditional Croatian food.

Gila Meiri, Tel Aviv, Israel

The tour in Zagreb was not only beautiful sites but also interesting, humorous anecdote given by Marina, who described the city in her own unique way. I had a grate afternoon getting familiar with Zagreb's culture, history, people, and traditional food and city legends.

Adi Bobrowsky, Tel Aviv, Israel