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marina mala fotkaZAGREB WALKS is founded and lead by Marina Krivošić, BEc and licensed tourist guide for Zagreb city and Zagreb county.

In spring 2009, Marina passed a professional exam for a certified tour guide in Croatian, English and Russian languages.

As a great lover of travel, Marina visits many countries on almost every continent, but each time on return to her hometown she falls in love with it more and more.
Since 2002 until today, she transfers her love for Zagreb, talking about it and showing it to business and tourist visitors from Czech, Slovak, Poland, Germany, US, Israel, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, India, Montenegro, Slovenia, Australia, Canada, UAE and Croatia. In addition to English and Russian, Marina speaks French and Czech.

Marina worked as a teacher at the high school, as a travel consultant in a travel agency, as a head of office in an American non-profit organization, as well as a business consultant in a consulting company, and most of her working life she spent in a pharmaceutical company.

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