Zagreb Walks - Zagreb sighteeing with your private guide

Welcome to Zagreb, a city of a million hearts

Come, see, hear the stunning sights and sounds of Zagreb.

Immerse yourself within the history and culture of Croatia's capital on a tour of the most important landmarks.

Experience the warmth of local people alongside your own private tourist guide

Why to hire a private guide?
You stop being a tourist and become a guest.
On your own you walk around with your nose in a guidebook and miss the beauty of life going on around you. With large tour groups you are stuck to their schedule, right down to the forced gift shop visit. Sometimes you pass up the most interesting details about a sight because it would be impossible for everyone in the group to see it.
None of this happens with a private guide.

Choose from our selection of suggested tours, or create a new variation with us:

whatever suits you best!

Tours held in: Croatian, English or Russian

Photo Gallery - Zagreb



Zagreb from above



Zagreb by night